New Plan for fostering mobility of researchers 2024 - 2027 adopted by the Ministry

The Ministry of Science and Education has adopted a Plan for fostering mobility of researchers for the period 2024 - 2027 which aims to increase international, cross-sectoral and balanced mobility of researchers. In addition to systematically encouraging active mobility of researchers, the Plan foresees the implementation of measures aimed at further developing support systems for the mobility of researchers and further fostering the development of researchers' careers.
Accordingly, the Plan provides for the implementation of the following activities:
  • further development of the EURAXESS umbrella organisation
  • further development of EURAXESS centres
  • encouraging capacity building of institutions in the higher education system
  • ensuring the stability and continuity of national calls for competitive funding of young researchers
  • further encouragement of participation of Croatian beneficiaries in activities of Horizon Europe Programme
  • implementation of ERA activities aimed at the mobility of researchers
  • encouraging participation in national and European mobility programmes for researchers.
Plan for fostering mobility of researchers  is foreseen in the implementation programme of the Ministry of Science and Education for the period from 2021 to 2024 as a measure that will contribute to the development of human resources in the system of science and higher education, increase incoming and outgoing mobility of scientists and strengthen international cooperation, strengthen human capacities, international visibility of scientific results, as well as potential for cooperation with the economy and ultimately lead to increased investment in research and development.

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